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Thank you for visiting our website! We hope, that you will love our apartments providing here. Our apartments for 2-4-6 people are located in the heart of Zalakaros, not only close to the Spa, then also in nice and calm natural green belt area. You can park in a fenced and closed garden but we provide covered parking garages as well. The garden is well kept; it is possible barbecuing outdoor or tasting and buying wine. We hope We hope we have aroused your interest and we meet personally as soon as possible.

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Apartments for 2-4-6 people in Zalakaros

You have the opportunity with us to relax, to heal as we provide peace attention and comfort which is essential for a perfect relaxation. Our apartments are 1-2-3 room apartments (with Wi-Fi and common internet corner). Wi-Fi is not only available in the houses then in the garden. The Spa is easy to reach on foot and there are several restaurant, winery and shops nearby. The fresh air is provided by the nearby Kanciai Forest where you can take pleasant excursions on different tourist routes. We strive that our apartments should be available in excellent price-value rate for our guests.

Mini Lux Apartment

24 €/night

  • for 1-2 people
  • 20 m2
  • huge terrace
  • electrical canopy
  • air-conditioning, Wi-Fi


Standard Apartments

28 €/night

  • for 2-4-6 people
  • 35-90 m2
  • balcony
  • Wi-Fi
  • extra bed if needed


VIP Apartment

40 €/night

  • for 2 people
  • 35 m2
  • Extra bed if needed
  • terrace with electrical canopy
  • Air-conditioning, Wi-Fi



Zalakaros has become famous right after 1962 when oil was searched for and finally 96 °C mineral water was found from 2300 m deep. The construction of the Spa started in 1964. The ever-growing tourism has brought about the need for development, and over the years Zalakaros has become one of the most popular spa towns in the country. The indoor and outdoor Med- and Adventure Spa can be enjoyed all year round by guests visiting Zalakaros. Be among them!

Med-, and Adventure Spa of Zalakaros

The Med-and Adventure Spa of Zalakaros is more than 50 years old, which is suitable for all generations. The Spa provides many opportunities for relaxing no matter if it is winter or summer. For more information please go to following link.

Our apartments for 2-4-6 people are located in a unique area of Zalakaros as it is not only close to the Spa then situated in a nice and calm green belt area. The resort is suitable for those who are seeking healings or looking for familiar atmosphere. Zalakaros provides many alternatives for fun like horse riding, swimming or sightseeing flights. Our apartment houses are waiting for the guests to relax and heal all year round.

Our apartment houses are located near to Med-, and Adventure Spa of Zalakaros.