Marika Apartment

Marika Apartment

Laky Villa

Laky Villa

Mária Apartment

Mária Apartment

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Festivals and events

Zalakaros is waiting for guests with various interesting events and festivals.

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Sightseeing little train

Get to know the city of Zalakaros with Dotto, the sightseeing little train. Click on the following link to see the schedule, the prices and stops.

Dotto little train in Zalakaros

Segway tour

Segway is a fantastic vehicle because a lots of technological interesting things have been compressed into that. For example this could functioning without gas or brake; it is controllable only with body language. Do not miss it!

Segway tour in Zalakaros

Bike tour

Next to Zalakaros Tourinform Office a Bike Centrum operates. Renting a bike for 2 hours: 1.000 Ft/person Renting a bike for 1 day: 2.200 Ft/person

Forest riding tour

Guided forest tours, excursions around Baláta ancient swamp, in the wilderness of Kaszó, filled with natural attractions. Forest walk in saddle (guided, gentle horse)



Zalakaros - Garabonc: 4 km


Zalakaros - Zalakomár: 9 km


Zalakaros - Zalaszabar: 10 km


  • Little-Balaton
  • Cyril and Methodius memorial column, the basement walls of the St. Stephen’s chapel
  • Little-Balaton presentation house
  • Fishing
Zalakaros - Zalavár: 16 km