Policies and rules

Dear Guests!
Please read and understand our apartment policies and rules in order to ensure your pleasant stay and to avoid possible misunderstanding. Not observing the rules entails cancellation of reservation and no claims to refund can be established.

Check In/Out

Check-in time: 13.00 noon.
Check-out time: 9.00 a.m.
Different check-in/check-out time shall be agreed upon advanced request.


Guests shall use assigned parking spaces.
It is allowed only for cars with suitable technical condition to use the parking area (no oil flow).
Please pay attention to other guests parking opportunity!

Cleaniness and trash

Smoking is NOT permitted inside the apartment units. Smoking is only permitted at assigned areas (terrace, garden and balcony).
Guests shall ensure that garbage is not accumulated and it is placed in trash containers provided for that purpose. Guests shall be responsible for emptying trash containers on a daily basis and keeping the apartment tidy during their stay. On the day of your departure please do not leave any garbage and dirty dishes!
Please, avoid the apartment’s and furniture’s any kind of abuse in order to other guests could completely enjoy their holidays after you!


Please keep in mind other guests may want to rest therefore please avoid making noise. Guests shall refrain from using electronic devices (TV, radio, etc.) at a volume which will disturb others.


Guests shall ensure proper use of furniture in-and outside of the apartment.
Furniture is not allowed to be moved to the garden, different apartment/premises or outside the property.
Kitchen equipment, plates, glasses, cups, cutlery are not allowed to transfer between different apartments.
Please ensure that air-conditioning in your room is off when room or balcony doors are open or when you are out of the apartment. Guests shall ensure proper use of air-conditioning.
Charcoal and firewood for barbecuing shall be provided by host. Please leave the grill area cleaned up after use.
Any damage or disease must be reported to hosts immediately.
Guest shall be responsible for damages that occur by their fault and shall be obliged to pay for it.


Please always lock the door and close windows when you leave the apartment. Host do not take any responsibility of missing or damaged personal belongings.
Unauthorized personnel is prohibited to stay at the property without advanced permission of host.
Guest shall refrain from bringing in and using of firearms, explosive or flammable materials at the property.
Use of heavy-duty equipment, over 200W voltage is not allowed unless it is part of house facilities.
Guests shall extinguish live coals after outdoor barbecue.

Prices and Payments

Price includes all costs of public utilities, final cleaning, use of bed-linen and towels.
Advanced payment shall be deduct from total price, remaining amount has to be paid upon arrival.
Advanced payment is non-refundable.
In case of untimely leaving, no claim for refund is acceptable.